Streams of Consciousness

For the sentient; the sapient, the self aware…it is the dialogue, the narrative, the spaces between us, the interconnectedness, the subtlety of every engagement, where we find ourselves as phenomenological; a unique enigma rising out of plateaus and sailing upon the precipice of consciousness on waves of frequency and vibration through the unfolding meta holo-movement of time…

It speaks to me in some silent exotic way…
It’s a mystery.
It’s a meditation of meticulousness. It transforms.
Borne of Soil, Wrought by Wave, Buried in Skies…
Born in waves, bound by soil,
buried in the sky.
To remember is to dream.
My soul was forged by waves, my blood was bound by soil, my body was buried in the sky
and I will be celebrated by stars…


Green Daydream: A Zen Poem

We will become the ultimate scientifically literate,
truly aware, creative and artistically-centric species.
May all energies be released…

Actually, Vibrationally Speaking,
the whole universe is having an orgasm.
It’s my very own Dream Sequence 33

An Archaeologist
finds a Liquid metal orb 7 ft. In diameter.
Said individual is Transported into ship when entering objects field.

Individual finds out from an unknown intelligence (computer)
that we are an amalgamation of all DNA/Life on the planet.
We are Walking Arks.

A previous civilization was responsible for our evolutionary characteristics
self genetic manipulation occurred.
Intergalactic contact had occurred and created significant problems.

We are now a platform for advanced
Engineers of Life

The Embdiocons.
Those tiny sparks of light.
That create life and seed all species.
Tiny organisms of great age and sophistication came here long ago.

Made of dark energy
Born in massive blue stars.
They are our progenitors.
They are of the everythingness pulling creative energy into this!
From the darkness inside of the quantum fields around us.


What is Self Actualization: A Zen Poem

I ask: What’s important and defines my reality-view and core identity…!?
I am a Minimalist
I believe in Invigorating Creative Drives…

Who will be the Future Warriors?
What will be the Martial Security?
The possibilities of Attaining Sovereignty,
So depends…
Inevitable Ecological Preservation
So depends…

See from the-
Anthro-Sociological Big-Picture
Compassionate and Ethical Basis for
Engaging Life
Principles and Perennial Philosophies
Inform Life

Wellness: Define Life!
Existential Questions
Lead to Self Actualization
Death Relationships and Choice
The Importance of Liberating Entheogens…
Anti-Political or Homogenization?

Focused on Implementing New Paradigms of Thought!
Destruction of the Concept of Military for War Profiteering!
Elimination of Soldier Manipulation!
Refusal of Weapon Building!
Instead… Exploration!

Strength, Discipline, Moderation, Perceptiveness, Responsibility
True Spirituality and Avoiding Religious Dogma
Understanding Symbols and Semiotics
Language Creating Reality…

Where is this species headed?
Flesh looking all the same underneath…
Accepting the status quo vs. questioning authorities
Run in terror from the norm!

Are You Fluidly Accepting Change?
In harmony with nature?
In biology, circadian rhythms…
Ultradian Frequencizers?

The Miracle of the Thr33 Trillion Cells! 7Years…
Scientific literacy for changing how we behave
Based on new info…
Technologically Driven Harmony with Nature…
The pitfalls of non-selective traditionalism…


I Dare You…

Catch Yourself Crying Tears of Divine Recognition…
Only Know Archetypes, Schemas, Constructs…
I am Billyboy Romancoke
The confines of convenience will destroy all that we have yet to know…
We live in a sea of quantum movement.
We are intimately entangled with all energies.
Modulation/Moderation. Extremes


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