Opening Incantation

A Current Daily Methodology…

DEC 2013 iPhone 5 (Japan) 6845

Rebirth; Awaken!
Look Great; Take Care The Vessel
Stretch, Center, Ground, Fly, Die
Daily Mindfulness Meditation Begins
Eat Early, Eat Ritualistically
Painting and Creative Projects
Reading, Writing and Research
Love Thy Companions Fully
Be Social; Engage The Community
Advocate Actions For World Justice
Perform and Produce Music
Culinary Arts and Practicing Giving
Eat Lightly and Avoid Over-Intoxication
Listen To Someone Completely
Educate and Provide Perspectives
Reflect; Be Sublime; Appreciate
Wind Down, and Meditate Again
Rest; Heal; Sleep is a Special Place

Repeat with Variation…

DEC 2013 iPhone 5 (Japan) 6217


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